6: Responders

page 18, frame 1

About two hours later, Ralph and his flatbed tow truck are on the scene, as well as the Pittsville PD.

page 18, frame 2

“Give us a couple days to get it fixed, Officer White. We should have it back on the road by, I’d say, Wednesday.”
Officer White responds, “Sounds good, Ralph. Keep us posted.”

page 18, frame 3

Monica has managed to keep it together but panic is setting in.

page 18, frame 4

”It doesn’t make any sense, officers. He gets out of the van for like five minutes and then disappears? I’m terrified that something bad or someone bad has gotten him.”

page 19, frame 1

Sheriff Grady tries to steady the situation. “Mrs. Kingdom, please don’t worry. Our officers will stay here and keep searching for your husband as long as it takes. We will find him, I can assure you.”

page 19, frame 2

“I hope so.”

page 19, frame 3

Officer White steps in, “Mrs. Kingdom, let’s get you and the kids to the station and go over all the details.”

page 19, frame 4

Sheriff Grady huddles with the other officers. “Look guys, who knows what’s going on here? Do a really good sweep of the area and be back at the station by midnight.”

page 19, frame 5

“Stop by Chad’s on the way back, too. He better not have caused another incident,” Sheriff Grady adds as they all disperse.

page 20, frame 1

“Max and Lucy, we’re going to the police station and some officers will stay here to look for your Dad.”

page 20, frame 2

“But Mom! We can’t just leave him out there and hope these dudes find him. That’s crazy!”

page 20, frame 3

“I know, Lucy. This is all crazy and terrifying, but we have to trust them and have faith that your Dad is ok. He just got lost is all.”