5: Doom Slide

page 15, frame 1

They work quickly.

page 15, frame 2

“Why is your father taking soooo long out there? And Lucy, why are you unbuckled?”

page 15, frame 3

The lead squirrel barks out orders from atop Wilson.

page 15, frame 4

“I got to change out of these clothes, Mom, they’re disgusting. I’m getting my bag.”

page 15, frame 5

Secure the boots.

page 15, frame 6

“Oh, it ain’t that bad, big sis, just a little soggy.”

page 15, frame 7

Ice the path.

page 15, frame 8

“Kids, hush! Uh, yes, is this Ralph’s towing service? Oh great, we are in some big trouble. We slid off the road about two miles off of I-70.”

page 15, frame 9

Begin the descent.

page 16, frame 1

With great care, the squirrels push and pull Wilson along the iced forest floor.

page 17, frame 1

They travel far from the roadside.

page 17, frame 2

Around a curve, there’s a large pile of enormous rocks. Nestled at the center is the squirrels’ hidden destination.

page 17, frame 3

Wilson’s crossed arms and chest are too much to fit through the cave entrance. They’ll need to be untied and maneuvered just right.

page 17, frame 4

Success — the squirrels twist Wilson into the cave.

page 17, frame 5

One of the dogs, a pit bull named Rosie, stays back for one last check of the surroundings before entering the cave.