4: Ambush

page 12, frame 1

‘Just get up and get back to the van. Call a tow truck. Get the van fixed and go home.’

page 12, frame 2

But then, suddenly, he feels it. The woods are watching him.

page 12, frame 3

‘This is too much weirdness for one night.’ Wilson grits his teeth and suspects he’s in for more trouble.

page 13, frame 1

bark scratch bark scratch bark scratch bark

page 13, frame 2

A blur of red fur and ice flies from across the road.

page 13, frame 3

Slides up to him gracefully.

page 13, frame 4

Looks at him smugly.

page 13, frame 5

Lifts its little hands up.

page 13, frame 6

“What do you think you’re doing, squirrel? ”

page 14, frame 1

Before he can block, it lands the attack.

page 14, frame 2

The ice is overwhelming, Wilson drops into unconsciousness.

page 14, frame 3

The rest of the squirrels move in.