3: Wreck

page 8, frame 1


page 8, frame 2

‘I swear the road wasn’t this curvy on the way in.’

page 8, frame 3

thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk

page 8, frame 4

‘I shouldn’t be doing this. I can barely see the road. Woah! This curve is way too tight!’

page 8, frame 5


page 8, frame 6

Total loss of traction.

page 8, frame 7

Total loss of control.

page 8, frame 8

And they’re in the ditch.

page 9, frame 1

Wilson panics. “Is everyone ok? Monica are you ok? Lucy?!? Max ?!?”

page 9, frame 2

“Yes, I think  we're ok.”

page 9, frame 3

“Yeah, Dad, we’re ok, other than the chocolate milk and pop bath we just got. Gross.”

page 9, frame 4

“This weather is horrible. There was nothing like this in the forecast when we left your parents’ house. I feel awful dragging us out here for a potty break. I’ll find us a tow truck service.”

page 9, frame 5

“Now, just wait a minute — let me get out and see what the situation is. Maybe we can get back on the road.”

page 9, frame 6

“Just give me a chance to look.”

page 10, frame 1

Out of the van, Wilson can see that they are indeed stuck. The left front tire is badly bent up and under the van.

page 10, frame 2

He decides to look around. The ice and sleet ease up some so he can see down the road better.

page 10, frame 3

They must have skidded more than a hundred feet into the ditch.

page 10, frame 4

How is it possible that so much ice accumulated so quickly?

page 11, frame 1

‘It is cold. Really cold. And Monica, as usual, knows best. We’ll have to call a tow truck to get us out of this mess.’

page 11, frame 2

Wilson turns to head back to the van.

page 11, frame 3

Easy now.

page 11, frame 4

Trying to stabilize.

page 11, frame 5

And failing.

page 11, frame 6

ka crunch crack

page 11, frame 7

“Ooooo, my back.” Wilson exhales the pain and frustration.