2: Creepy

page 5, frame 1

“Why’d you take the wrong exit?”

page 5, frame 2

“I, uh, don’t think I did, actually. We’re just getting a few snacks and then back on the road.”

page 5, frame 3

“Oh, right, my mistake, you’re just getting a few snacks and then back on the road. With your nice family, going to your nice home, in Cincinnati.”

page 5, frame 4

“Woah, dude. How do you know where we’re going?”

page 5, frame 5

“Lucky guess, I suppose. Be careful out there though, roads are looking bad.”

page 5, frame 6

“Yeah, we’ll be…  just fine.”

page 5, frame 7

Monica emerges from the bathroom, feeling much better.

page 5, frame 8

“Thank you, sir. I needed that big time.”

page 5, frame 9

“Yes, ma’am.”

page 5, frame 10

Wilson completes the purchase and they all exit the station.

page 6, frame 1

At the pump, Wilson fills the tank and mulls the interaction at the counter. He feels a cold unease.

page 6, frame 2

‘Dang, that dude was creepy. I bet he’s in there thinking of ways to murder us.’

page 6, frame 3

‘But whatever, kids got their snacks, Monica’s relieved, let’s get outta here.’

page 7, frame 1

“Everybody ready to go?” he asks. The kids respond, “Yeah dad, let’s go home!”

page 7, frame 2

“Thanks again for stopping, honey.” Monica can tell something’s bothering him.

page 7, frame 3

Maybe it’s just the bad weather? Or maybe that weird clerk back at the gas station gave him a hard time?

page 7, frame 4

As they head back to the main highway, ice and sleet have really picked up again.

page 7, frame 5

Wilson adjusts his speed down, determined to push through the storm.