1: Detour

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Traveling from Philadelphia, the Kingdom family,

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and Max are on their way home to Cincinnati after a lovely Christmas weekend with Wilson’s parents.

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On the other side of Pittsburgh, Monica, who is eight months pregnant, informs Wilson they must find a bathroom now.

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“Babe, we’re in the middle of nowhere.”

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“Find one now or we’re going to have a mess,” Monica assures him.

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Luckily, there’s a random exit with what looks to be a gas station three miles off the highway.

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As they drive down a country road, that three miles seems a lot farther.

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“Oh-oh-oh,” Monica declares, “I’m about to pop! ” Wilson replies, “that highway sign said three miles but I know we’ve gone five already.”

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Then, around a curve, there it is — an old gas station, Chad’s Gas & Grill. They pull over.

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Monica bursts from the family van.

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The rest of them make their way inside.

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The kids tell each other all the snacks they’ll get and…

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head straight for the junk food aisle.

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Wilson approaches the counter. A scruffy guy greets him. “Hey buddy, what cha need?”

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“I’ll take $40 on pump two out there plus whatever snacks the kids decide on.”

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Wilson laughs a little as he turns to look at Lucy and Max.

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Scruffy guy says, “Sure buddy. Hey, got a question for ya.”