7: Questioning

page 20, frame 4

Pittsville. A small town that’s only getting smaller.

page 20, frame 5

With a modest building for its modest force.

page 21, frame 1

Inside, Lucy paces and Max slouches while they wait for their Mom.

page 21, frame 2

“Yep, something is definitely not right about this place, Max.” Lucy confirms.

page 21, frame 3

“How come you got so many lost dogs and cats in this town?”

page 21, frame 4

“Well, you see sweetie, we got a lot of bobcats out in the woods around here.”

page 21, frame 5

“I don’t think that’s it… sugar.” She mutters to herself.

page 22, frame 1

Down the hall, there are a lot of questions.

page 22, frame 2

“So, Mrs. Kingdom, you say that you stopped at Chad’s for gas and a break? Then you got back on the road? Then you slid into the ditch? Then Wilson gets out of the van to check on things and that’s the last you saw of him?”

page 22, frame 3

“Yes, that’s correct. That’s what happened.”

page 22, frame 4

“Ok, well now, I do have to ask, Mrs. Kingdom, would your husband have any reason to want to run off  and leave you and the kids?”

page 22, frame 5

“In the middle of an ice storm? In the middle of nowhere? No.” Monica raises her voice. “Everything is fine at home. We are very happily married and as you can obviously see, we are working very hard to increase the size of our family. So, no, he hasn’t run off. ”